Dustless Sanding

Safer and Cleaner Home

Keep on Rolling has invested in dustless sanding technology, allowing us to paint and decorate your home without generating great quantities of mess. Unlike regular sanding methods, this system is healthier for you and us, it’s cleaner, faster and gives your home a better finish.


Restoring Your Home Without The Mess

Keep on Rolling offers dustless sanding so you can restore your home without the frustrations of a mess. If you’ve had to spackle your walls to cover holes or other damage, this doesn’t need to define the beauty of your space, nor does chipped paint. We use specialized sanders that can smooth over the spackle and get it ready for an even coat of paint.

If you’re interested in dustless sanding, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

We understand that our customers often need to keep their business operating while it is being painted, and we take every precaution to ensure that your business is protected. All furniture and fixtures are covered with plastic and floors protected with drop cloths.

We’ll start by moving or covering large furniture to keep it safe and clean. Then we’ll mask non-painted areas and cover floors and other surfaces with plastic sheeting. We treat your business as if it was our own—and keeping your things protected and splatter-free is important to us.

Our professional painters can sand both commercial and residential interiors with no mess. Our dustless sanding process with the Festool Hepa Filter vacuum system extracts all dust leaving your Business clean and spotless. This creates a new clean surface for the paint to be applied.As we sand, it collects the dust into a containment system, so it never touches your floors or walls.  

Only after all areas have been repaired our experienced painters carefully apply premium quality paints leaving you with a lasting impression.

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