Breathe new life into your home

Brighten up the entirety of your home.


Treat your home like a castle

Keep on Rolling is proud to offer comprehensive interior painting services to homeowners throughout the Vancouver area. Whether you want to redo the 20-foot-walls in the great room, you need a coat of epoxy on the garage floor, or you’ve got built-in cabinets you want to refresh, Dunbar Painting can help.

Learn more about our interior painting process below.

We’ll start by moving or covering large furniture to keep it safe and clean. Then we’ll mask non-painted areas and cover floors and other surfaces with plastic sheeting. We treat your home as if it was our own—and keeping your things protected and splatter-free is important to us.

You’ll need to have your room clear of small possessions. We also ask that you do us a favour and empty furniture that needs moving.

China cabinet? We can handle that. China cabinet full of heavy plates and dishes? No thank you.

Worried about paint dust or harsh chemicals?

Our industry-leading dustless sanding system sucks up dust, paint particulate, and lead particles through a HEPA filter to keep your home clean and safe.

We include dustless sanding at no extra cost in every Keep on Rolling quote. The dustless process is more expensive — the machines are pricey, which is why only a few painting companies have them.

But for us, the extra cost is worth it — because keeping our clients happy and healthy is “Job Number One.”

If necessary, we can handle caulking, hole-filling, and other minor restorations.

Beyond these kind of small repairs, we can also take care of larger wall repairs, trim repairs, hole repair, priming bare walls and removing wallpaper.

We’ll add any of these major or minor repair services to the quote if you ask us to.

When it comes time to paint, we’ll use brushes, rollers or spray machines as necessary, using the best high-quality Benjamin Moore  paints.

We typically paint two coats, but we’ll let you know if something about your project — for example, the finish you’ve chosen — requires more than two coats.

Our professionals have painted homes all over the Northumberland area. See what we can do for your space.


Making your home feel like new again.

Whether you are wanting to update the interior of your home with a specific colour from a piece of decor or you just want to refresh the current paint colour throughout your home, we can help. At Keep on Rolling, we offer colour matching capabilities that allow us to match your home’s new interior paint colour with any colour you can provide an example of. If you are unsure about what colour will work well for your home or if you have any questions about our painting services, we would be more than happy to provide a consultation to discuss your painting options and to answer questions you might have. Request a no-obligation quote today for your interior painting project.

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