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We believe your Exterior should be your dream, not your worst nightmare

Quick. Think of the most beautiful house in your neighborhood. Where is it — across the road? Around the corner?

If you didn’t say “Its mine,” our exterior painting services can help you be proud of your home’s appearance.


Refresh Your Home's Look!

Our expert Exterior Painters with over 25 years of experience will ensure you’re 100% satisfied and in love with the end result.


The two main reasons why homeowners look to do some exterior house painting is to beautify it in order to increase curb appeal and to protect it from the rigors of the harsh Canadian weather elements. It is important for your home to look up-to-date, modern, and well kept, and also to uphold the elegance of your neighbourhood and protect it against preventable damage. Whether you are selling, maintaining, or just purchased your home, it makes sense to keep up with your exterior painting.

Standard preparation almost always includes soft-washing of exterior surfaces (even hand-washing if necessary on older homes,) and sanding any paint that’s failing. We also do scuff-sanding of shiny surfaces to ensure paint adhesion, spot-priming of bare wood or metal, minor caulking of gaps and cracks, and so on.

These services are included in every Keep on Rolling exterior paint job.

If your exterior needs more extensive repairs — like hole repair, extensive caulking, intensive sanding, or window re-glazing — we’ll discuss them with you first.

We can also handle minor restorative carpentry — for example, removing a rotten beam and rebuilding with filler.

No-one wants a house full of paint dust—especially if that paint is lead-based — when the paint job is supposed to be happening outside.

Don’t worry — on areas like doors and windows where dust has a chance of getting in the house, our premier dustless sanding system will take care of the job cleanly and safely.

Only a few painting companies can do dustless sanding because, frankly, the machines are expensive to buy. At Keep on Rolling, however, we put care for our clients and their homes at the top of our priority list.

And no, you won’t be charged for dustless sanding — we include it in every project.

Once the outside of your house is clean, we’ll start painting, using brushes and rollers to paint your house siding, stucco or trim.

If you’d like other areas painted, such as gutters, flashing, or vinyl siding please ask us.

We use high-quality Benjamin Moore paints.

Although our reputation was built on the 100’s of Northumberland's heritage homes we’ve painted, we treat every home we paint — from a 700-square foot condo interior to a 30,000 square foot mansion — with the same love and respect as if it was our own.

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